dimpull™ - the Pull Cord Dimming Switch

Exciting new product
The dimpull™ pull cord dimmer is a new and innovative product designed mainly for use in bathrooms where, by law and for reasons of electrical safety, a pull cord switch must be installed, or a normal switch has to be placed outside of the bathroom.

Effective bathroom lighting is now an integral part of any well designed house. Current fashion dictates that the bathroom has become the place to relax and soothe away stress.

Until now it seemed that the only lighting that could produce an attractive glow were candles, along with the obvious safety risks, or the installation of a conventional dimmer switch inconveniently out of reach outside the bathroom.

You're in control
But by simple installation of the dimpull™ dimming pull cord switch you can select any light level from inside the bathroom safely by simply pulling on the cord until the desired brightness is reached.

Other benefits
The dimpull™ can also be left on safely overnight at a low level acting as a comfort safety light for children and the infirm.

Simple Installation
As the dimpull™ is designed on similar lines to a standard pull cord switch, it can be simply installed as a retrofit replacement during a bathroom refurbishment. The dimpull™ can also be specified to enhance the quality and appeal of newbuild properties.

The dimpull™ will dim not only standard household lamps* but also low voltage lighting**.

Currently produced with white or chrome ceiling cover finishes and available from PLC Ltd. Various other finishes are planned and additional pull cord options will be available soon after the initial launch.

dimpull™ has already appeared in the Daily Mirror and further focused marketing features are planned for early next year.

The dimpull™ is patent applied for and is designed to meet the required British and European safety standards.

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PLC Ltd Chelmsford Essex

Product information e-mail: info@dimpull.co.uk

*loading capacity 230/240v - 50 - 250w **12v - 200w (used in conjunction with quality dimmable transformer)

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